Special needs planning is an important type of estate planning that instills financial security for your special needs loved one in the future. Caring for a special needs child is important, becoming even more important when you, the parents or guardian, eventually age and providing the care becomes more difficult. If you are a parent or guardian to a special needs child, you may be wondering where to start. It’s never too early to plan adequate care for the future. A special needs lawyer will help you every step of the way throughout the process. Planning for long-term care seems intimidating, but qualified legal counsel can simplify the process.

Setting up a trust, establishing guardianship, and arranging your special needs child’s Medicaid or SSI eligibility are smart first steps to approaching long-term care. You must consider all of the aforementioned processes to ensure your child’s long-term financial stability.

How Do I Begin Planning Long-Term Care for My Special Needs Child?

The most important way to proactively plan for your special needs child’s long-term care is to contact a special needs planning attorney that specializes in this type of care. Many law firms practice a variety of unrelated disciplines of law at once, which makes them less trained in special needs law specifically. At Amicus Law Firm, our group of attorneys specifically work with estate planning, Medicaid planning, and special needs law. We’re proud to service the Farmington, UT area and can provide sound legal counsel according to specific state regulations. Contacting an estate planning lawyer is the smartest option for providing long-term care because an attorney will explore every option and uncover legal opportunities you may have never known existed.

A comprehensive long-term care plan for a special needs child includes establishing housing for the child. If the child’s parents pass away or become unable to provide adequate care, that child will require housing. The inflated expense of housing, nursing homes, or other types of long-term care facilities can be a burden on many families. A special needs planning lawyer will find every possible opportunity for subsidizing these costs and easing the stress on your family.

A qualified special needs lawyer will suggest establishing a trust to provide long-term financial security for your special needs child. Government aid programs such as SSI and Medicaid have strict stipulations for who can apply and who is deemed eligible.

A lawyer will help ensure that your special needs loved one will benefit from the contributions of your estate, but still can apply for Medicaid or government assistance in the future if it becomes necessary.

Long-term care for a special needs child also includes establishing a legal guardian. While their parent is still alive, it’s likely the child’s parent will remain their legal guardian. However, long-term care includes establishing a guardianship or conservatorship. This appointed guardian can help make important medical and financial decisions for the child if the parent passes away or becomes unable to provide adequate care.

At the Amicus Law Firm, we are committed to the process of planning long-term care for your special needs child. It is simplified and streamlined once you contact qualified help.