A Medicaid planner works to ensure your acceptance into the Medicaid program. Many individuals weigh the pros and cons of hiring a Medicaid planner. You may ask yourself: What does a Medicaid attorney do? Why should I consider working with one? It’s okay to have questions and to be unsure of the process as a whole. A qualified attorney with Medicaid planning experience can discuss your options for financial assistance and can help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid planning is generally described as any advice or consultation provided to a potential Medicaid applicant. In some cases, Medicaid planning is as simple as gathering and preparing the necessary documentation to demonstrate your financial situation. For others, Medicaid planning can involve a complete restructuring of an individual’s finances. Everything depends on you, the individual, and your unique lifestyle and goals.

Our attorneys are happy to discuss any complex factors of Medicaid planning, in an easy to understand and accessible way. If you believe you or a loved one may qualify for Medicaid, it’s in your best interest to begin the application process right away. Starting the process early mitigates the risk of any error, and can ensure the highest financial aid for you or the intended applicant.

The Medicaid planning process begins with a consultation. Amicus Law Firm is available seven days a week and offers a no-obligation consultation to anyone seeking advice. For the elderly especially, it’s incredibly important to consult with a Medicaid planning attorney early on. If you are seeking financial assistance for nursing home care, you will likely need to apply for Medicaid well before you start searching for the right home.

Don’t Make Costly Mistakes

Understanding the nuances of Medicaid is crucial to understanding your eligibility. It’s okay to not know what to expect. Amicus Law Firm is dedicated to explaining your options and making you feel comfortable throughout the entire Medicaid planning process, whether you are seeking advice for yourself or on behalf of a loved one. If you do have any initial questions, write down your concerns and be sure to reference them when you discuss your Medicaid application with a lawyer. At Amicus Law Firm, we’re committed to educating each and every client we work with, so you can rest assured knowing you fully understand what’s to come.

Any qualified Medicaid planner will tell you that the majority of the difficulty surrounding Medicaid lies in your financial situation. If your income or resources are much higher than the specific eligibility parameters, the possibility of your acceptance is rather low. A Medicaid planner can provide sound legal counsel to explore the best options for you and your family. You have options for restructuring your financial situation, which can vary from state to state. Only a qualified Medicaid planner can navigate these options as they require specific legal expertise.

The application for Medicaid can be time-consuming, as it requires a host of documentation, proof of income, and other information. The application review to determine if you’re eligible can take quite some time as well. A Medicaid planner will give you a broken-down timeline of what to expect, and keep you informed throughout the process.

A Medicaid planning attorney at Amicus Law Firm can assist with gathering the correct documents needed to submit your application. Documentation is legally required to verify that you meet certain financial requirements for Medicaid. Every state has different regulations and parameters for Medicaid acceptance. If you opt to take on the application process by yourself, you run the risk of submitting an incomplete application, or one that doesn’t adequately describe the extent to which you are in need.

Of course, the option exists to submit the Medicaid application on your own. You can even elect for a spouse, child, guardian, or lawyer to complete the application on your behalf. Of all these options, working with a Medicaid planner is the safest choice for ensuring your application is free of error.

If there is even a minor mistake in your Medicaid application, your coverage could be denied. If you are missing any important documentation, the results of your application will be negatively impacted as well. Every state has its own set of rules for determining who can qualify for Medicaid. General guidelines state your income must fall within certain parameters, and the total sum of your assets cannot exceed a certain monetary value.

How We Can Help

These are one of the many reasons it’s smart to consult with a Medicaid planning attorney before you start the application yourself. A Medicaid planner will explain these criteria to you in detail so you can be prepared ahead of time, and respond accordingly. If you or a loved one have been denied Medicaid coverage, don’t panic. Qualified legal counsel can represent your or your elderly loved one and review the rejected application. It’s possible with precise attention and amendment, your application can be granted an appeal.

As always, the most proactive course of action is to discuss your unique financial situation and concerns with a Medicaid planner. To achieve the results you deserve, it takes a bit of help. For most people, the process can be too complex and confusing to manage alone. This is the advantage of working with a professional when applying for Medicaid.

At Amicus Law Firm, our goal is to simplify the Medicaid process and provide helpful legal counsel that changes lives. Your family is struggling enough with taking care of loved ones and making sure there’s more than enough money to do so. Your elderly loved one has worked hard throughout their lifetime to generate their savings, and deserves to have the utmost quality of life, regardless of how much money they have. Elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys strive to ensure these assets are protected and are not at risk of being consumed by nursing home costs or out of pocket medical expenses

Contact Amicus Law Firm today for a no-obligation consultation of the Medicaid planning process, as it pertains to you specifically. We pledge to communicate your options openly and honestly to you, to ensure your peace of mind and ability to secure financial freedom in the future.