If your elderly parent is exhibiting signs that they may be ready for a nursing home, don’t panic. Transitioning to long-term care doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Amicus Law Firm is experienced with nursing home care preparation and provides the following steps for a smooth and safe transition.

  • Plan ahead
  • Assess the situation
  • Discuss finances
  • Keep your family in control

Plan ahead. The process of moving your loved one into a nursing home can be daunting if done frantically or last minute. This transition is life-changing and can be overwhelming at almost every step. Plan thoroughly with your elderly loved ones to ensure they are involved in the process and feel comfortable throughout the journey. In certain situations, Medicaid may be available to help pay for long-term care. Consult with an attorney early to get a head start on the planning process, and to find out early what your options may be.

Assess the situation. It’s vital to have a thorough and honest assessment of your loved one’s current financial and medical situation. Some common signs- your elderly parent is unable to maintain proper hygiene, or they struggle to remember to take medication on time, a dangerous consequence of declining health. Emotional ties to home can be impossible to surmount. But if staying home poses a risk that could put your elderly parent at danger, moving into a nursing home is likely the best decision.

In regards to your elderly parent’s financial situation, it’s best to turn to qualified legal counsel. An elder law attorney will discuss your income and savings and deliver honest advice about reasonable next steps. Nursing homes can be incredibly expensive, and estate planning lawyers can provide a range of options for overcoming this obstacle.

Amicus Law Firm Can Help Ease the Burden of High Costs for Long-Term Care

Discuss finances and set up a trust. Setting up a trust protects your parent’s income, assets, and savings from being consumed by the cost of nursing home care. Set up an appointment with an elder law attorney to explore your options and decide the best course of action for you and your family. At Amicus Law Firm, we provide a no-obligation consultation to anyone in need of elder law legal counsel. We can demonstrate how setting up a trust can benefit your family and discuss sound options for preserving your loved one’s assets.

Keep your family in control. By partnering with a qualified elder law attorney, your family remains in control of your loved one’s situation. Their goals and wishes are preserved and there’s no need to communicate with the state government and courts. We are a compassionate and dedicated group of attorneys. We know it’s never a simple process to get a loved one ready for nursing home care. It’s an emotional journey and can be daunting without the right attorney’s help. Amicus Law Firm is committed to providing you with honest, transparent legal guidance to make this transition as simple as possible.