Elder law and estate planning are not interchangeable terms. There is some overlap between the two, as the elderly need to have a solid estate plan in place. The trusted team of attorneys at Amicus Law Firm is knowledgeable and skilled in both elder law and estate planning alike. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, ensuring you’ll receive the utmost care and compassionate legal counsel.

Amicus Law Firm Can Help Preserve Your Income and Assets

When an elderly loved one becomes unable to take care of themselves, a nursing home may be the best option. Elder law is focused on preserving your income and assets the best way possible. An experienced elder law attorney will explain your options for protecting your assets if entering a nursing home is your choice. Amicus Law Firm was founded to help Utah families protect their families and preserve their legacies, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice available.

The team at Amicus Law Firm is compassionate and understanding. It’s important to speak with qualified Utah estate planning lawyers who have up-to-date knowledge and insight into today’s elder law environment. Getting accurate legal counsel is crucial for preserving your assets and ensuring your needs and wishes are met during and beyond your lifetime.

Nursing homes can be incredibly beneficial for the elderly, as a dedicated staff will ensure your loved one is taking their medication properly, keeping up on personal hygiene, and is experiencing a good quality of life. An experienced elder law firm can help locate good options for long-term care for your loved one. Some nursing homes and long-term care facilities cost thousands of dollars every month. With proper planning, an elder law attorney can help offset these costs and provide you with a range of options for protecting your income and savings. Assessing the financial impact of long-term care is crucial, so an elder law attorney will help manage these costs to ease the burden on your loved one and your family.

Some individuals opt to set up a trust to protect their assets from a nursing home. This can protect your home and savings from being depleted. Our elder law attorneys will attentively listen to your goals and wishes and provide the best plan of action following state law.

The elder law attorneys at Amicus Law Firm can aid your elderly loved one in understanding their rights as a nursing home resident. If something unlawful does occur in the nursing home, our team of elder law attorneys will advocate for your loved one in court and assist them in filing a nursing home claim. With our high standard for attentiveness, we will listen to every aspect of your claim and stop at nothing to ensure proper compensation is administered.

Our legal counsel team will weigh the pros and cons of each nursing home facility and the associated payment plans. You and your family can trust your elder law attorney to provide complete transparency and attentiveness to your case.