The elder law attorneys at Amicus Law Firm are dedicated to providing legal solutions for the unique needs of senior citizens. The elderly have a different set of needs that must be properly and professionally managed. In the context of elder law, compassion and understanding are more important than ever. You need to work with a team of attorneys who are accustomed to the sensitive set of challenges dealing with the elderly requires. Emotional and medical needs play a larger role than ever before. Amicus Law Firm is committed to providing sound legal counsel to you and your family, so you can focus on peace of mind and spending quality time together.

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

An elder law attorney can organize your estate plan. This helps you and your loved ones discuss the best distribution plan for your assets after you have passed away. It’s best to proactively manage your assets while you are still alive, to spare your family this burden after you’ve passed away. Amicus Law Firm can educate you on the importance of a will or living trust to ensure you have the most comprehensive plan in place. We will discuss your wishes to ensure you have the most personal plan established.

Amicus Law Firm can aid with Medicaid planning for your elderly loved one as well. Medicaid planning helps to ensure your loved one’s estate is secured and preserved in the way they intended. If you or a loved one have been denied Medicaid coverage, don’t panic. Qualified legal counsel can represent an elderly client and review this denial of benefits, possibly granting an appeal. As always, the best course of action is to thoroughly discuss your situation with an attorney to achieve the results you deserve.

Long-term care is a trademark service of an elder law firm. Many factors contribute to the necessity of a nursing home for an elderly individual. When safety at home becomes a concern, it may be reasonable to consider moving your loved one into a nursing home.

Nursing homes can be incredibly beneficial for the elderly. Dedicated staff will ensure your loved one is taking their medication properly, keeping up on personal hygiene, and is experiencing a good quality of life. An experienced elder law firm can help locate good options for long-term care for your loved one. Assessing the financial impact of long-term care is crucial, so an elder law attorney will help manage these costs to ease the burden on your loved one and your family.

At Amicus Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring you know all of the options before you. We pledge to take the time to explain every area of opportunity to your elderly loved one. We offer clear and concise answers, and we identify and implement client goals with a team-based planning approach that provides the best opportunity for clients to attain those goals. Contact the team of experienced lawyers at Amicus Law Firm today. We are happy to provide an initial consultation at no obligation to you.