If you live in the Farmington, Utah region and believe you are in need of an Elder Law attorney, Amicus Law Firm can help. There are many benefits to hiring an elder law attorney. The elderly have a unique set of needs, and face challenges as they age and make final preparations for past their lifetime. We help families in need to make important decisions for their elderly loved ones, in order to ease this burden.

Many senior citizens face medical and financial hardship. As we age, medical costs become increasingly expensive and it can be difficult to create a plan to afford it all. Elder care and estate planning are essential areas of consideration for anyone, not just the elderly. However, a large percentage of the elderly population will require nursing home care at some point in the future. As the elderly slow down and some retire, their income is often reduced significantly. Affording long-term care can be debilitating. Add the potential of a serious illness or injury, and it can be difficult to maintain a proper quality of life past a certain age. This is where an elder law attorney can provide assistance, as elder law encompasses much more than just drafting a Last Will & Testament.

As our loved ones grow older, we must hold difficult conversations. It’s never easy to watch a loved one age. When the day comes that your loved one passes away, managing their finances and dealing with court probate can be a nightmare on top of grieving. You deserve to spend time with your family without concern or worry about the future.

We Can Help When You Need It Most

Our team of attorneys are compassionate, dedicated individuals who understand that family is the most important priority. We don’t just focus on legal matters. We’re focused on what’s most important to you.

Creating a trust is one of the many ways an elder law attorney can help. By setting up a trust, you designate portions of your assets to chosen beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can be whoever you want, from family members to friends and any other loved ones. A trust determines how your assets – income, property, and other valuables- will be inherited to those beneficiaries after you pass away.

Trusts are a popular option among people of all ages, as it’s best to have a solid plan in place to proactively plan past your lifetime. Our estate planning lawyers are focused on protecting your assets, distributing them according to your wishes, and reducing your tax payments. A qualified elder law attorney at Amicus Law Firm can help use tax laws to your advantage, to find every solution possible for you and your loved ones. Contact Amicus Law Firm at any time for a no-obligation consultation. We can help you decide what your options are in regards to setting up a trust, as every individual has a different situation and set of needs.

There are many different types of trusts to benefit people of all different backgrounds. For example, a revocable living trust is a popular option because it provides flexibility to change the trust while an elderly individual is still alive. This type of trust avoids court probate and keeps the trustor’s privacy intact. An estate planning attorney can help decide which type of trust is best for you or your elderly loved one.

Is Medicaid an Option for You?

Do you urgently need financial assistance for medical expenses? Medicaid may be your best option. Medicaid is a financial assistance program administered by the government. If you are in the midst of a long-term care crisis that’s difficult to afford, Medicaid is likely the solution. The costs of medical care can be incredibly overinflated and can quickly deplete your savings, depending on the severity. Life is unpredictable and it can be impossible to know when an unexpected medical emergency can occur. An elder law attorney can help provide solutions for this very problem.

If you or your elderly loved are in need of Medicaid financial assistance, an elder law attorney can help with the application process. It’s important that a professional oversees this type of document, as the application process is lengthy and finely detailed. There are strict financial requirements for Medicaid eligibility. An attorney will help you compile all the necessary documentation and evidence of your income to ensure you’re deemed eligible. We work with clients of all backgrounds and financial situations to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

If your application for Medicaid is denied, an attorney can also help you appeal the decision and work to strengthen your application, in order to be granted benefits. An attorney will guide you through the entire process, so you can rest assured knowing your medical and financial needs will be met in the future. Establishing trust and planning for Medicaid are cornerstone functions of an elder law practice.

Designating a power of attorney is another important service offered by Amicus Law Firm, that’s often overlooked in the average person’s elder law care plan. The power of attorney refers to a legally binding document that gives an individual (referred to as the agent) the responsibility to make decisions on another person’s behalf (the principal). When you establish a power of attorney, you provide yourself with unmatched peace of mind. In the event that you become unable to make important financial or medical decisions for yourself, a power of attorney will do so in your best interest.

For example, Some victims of serious car accidents, unfortunately, lose the ability to communicate due to brain trauma or other seriously debilitating injuries. If you do not have a power of attorney designated, there is no one to make medical decisions on your behalf. When you designate an individual to hold this title, you can discuss your most important wishes with that person to ensure every potential decision made is in your best interest. Your power of attorney can be a trusted family member, friend or other loved one. You do not need to be related to the individual you choose.

Everyone wants to provide the best for their family, and everyone wants their final needs to be respected. This is why you should work with an elder law attorney to ensure your peace of mind. You deserve to rest easy and spend the elder years of your life alongside your loved ones. You shouldn’t have to worry about the future. Amicus Law Firm is proud to provide the highest standard of client service, alongside a demonstrated history of legal expertise. We don’t just focus on legal matters. We focus on what matters most to you, providing for you family and securing the best possible future. Contact Amicus Law Firm today for a no-obligation consultation.